A simple tool to check and patch your system vulnerability to patched Exploits

It is expected that malware and ransomware will use "Zero Day" flaws and exploits more and more. A flaw is called a Zero Day flaw when it is exploited before having been disclosed by the vendor of the vulnerable system. Usually, the vendor discloses the flaw at the same time a patch is released to correct it and to prevent the exploit of it. However, all systems are vulnerable to the disclosed flaw during the time between disclosure by the vendor and patching of the system. Sometimes, patching can take quite a long time, even when the system is configured to apply updates automatically: patches are often embedded in large roll-up of updates (latest cumulative update for Windows 10 roll-up is more than 1Go large!), taking a long time to download and apply, the update servers can be very loaded and less responsive when all systems try to get their updates at the same time etc.

In order to patch flaws as soon as a patch is released, SysStreaming is currently designing "ZeroDayPatch" utility: It will check the vulnerability to identified flaws on the very day the related patch is disclosed and download from Microsoft but using alternate locations and methods. Not only will it download faster than automatic updates, but, when doable, it will also download and install only the required security patch, so that effective security patching gets done faster.

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